Who We are

S.S. Communications is one of the best Media companies in Madhya Pradesh (MP) & Chhattisgarh. S.S.COMMUNICATIONS is committed to providing world-class value based services in the world of advertising and brand management. S.S. Communications, based in the Heart of Incredible India, touches the hearts of millions of people across nations by the meaningful messages of the world-class Products & Service Providers through our media of Outdoor as well as Indoor Publicity. We feel privileged to serve our worldwide partners in business in the true spirits of what the global communications scholar Marshall McLuhan said: “Medium is the Message”. S.S. Communications provides complete advertising solutions in mission mode to every problem of our esteemed clients in the process of reaching out to the potential consumers with their products and services.
Honesty and Integrity are our cardinal virtues, we do not make any false promises, 'what we promise, we deliver'

Our Mission

“When Your Business Succeeds, We Succeed“. Our motto is to fetch maximum mileage for our client at the minimum cost & to provide the best customer results possible and deliver the WOW factor through our services.”

Our Vision

S.S. Communications is a purpose-built company that brings together data geeks, design legends, creative masterminds, technology wizards and marketing mavericks to ensure sustainable growth for our clients such that they remain competitive now and in the future.“Marketing that is built on human values, fueled by data and driven by creativity”

Our Core Values

Transpicuous Work Culture –

  • Our words and actions always go hand-in-hand. We strongly preserve transparency to be correct ethically, legally and socially as well. Result-Oriented –
  • By setting clear goals, fixing the priorities, organizing the resources-and rigorously monitoring the growth of project. Customer-Centric Approach –
  • We revere the uniqueness of each client and his requirements and budget thus shape out the mirror-like solutions. Innovation –
  • Think and do out of the box by setting the mind free. We also seek the unrevealed possibilities, hidden in feedbacks and suggestions of clients and co-workers.
Latest Product

3D sunboard standy

A cost-effectiveness factor to it, and you’ve got the perfect solution to cover maximum view-points at the setting. In today’s time, your advertising medium needs to be subtle, attention grabbing, and easy to manage for Public events and settings such as lectures and conferences, film screenings, and supermarkets offer a great platform for advertising your products


Latest Product

Office Renovation

With open concepts and shared workspaces we have made more communicative and team-oriented environment that Promotes creativity among different teams and individuals, because we require a lot of inventiveness and innovation from our employees so we can deliver you all best and affordable advertising solutions. Let’s have a look into our new office..!



The mantra at SS Communication has always been to lead by example, and we have demonstrated that effectively through our success across markets and businesses. Every challenge we faced on this path was met with an equal determination to overcome and forge ahead. Though we cannot go back and alter our decisions, no one can stop us from creating a brand new future.

AESTHETE.A passionate man. “My whole career has been driven by a constant desire for excellence, a strong emphasis on design, and an obsession with always, always using our advertising-based business to serve the community.”
Government had and will always be the pioneer of development and change. SS Communication respect and acknowledge the fact and work with various government agencies to provide innovative solutions for OOH advertisements. We all know that it’s not easy to become an asset for different marketing companies but with creative mindset, right setup and past experiences in Branding and Positioning, we provide high quality output and help in increasing the visibility of many small and big industries and individuals at local and international level.

“People may forget what you said, people may forget what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”Rajdeo Sharma, Managing Director


What does your visual identity really say about you? Does it clearly communicate your brand promise and differentiate you from your competitors?
As the world is progressing with technological advancements, markets demand and audience is shifting. At SS Communications, our fundamental aim is always to maintain the momentum of growth by syncing our progress with the up to date trends in the market. We are not just a marketing and advertising company, but we are more than that. We realise the trust and faith with which our clients reach out to us and so, we know that we are their partners in growth. Managing customer’s expectations and creating brand strategies for our clients at the local and global arena are one of our prime fortes.
The goal for us at SS Communication is to not only be widely acknowledged for our business acumen, but also our ability to create positive impact in the community through our noble work. We believe that in this rapidly evolving media & entertainment landscape, only the ones who adapt to change will survive in the future. Companies providing right inputs, quality output in a time bound manner, will be successful in adapting themselves best to the environment while ensuring a strong hold on the pulse of their consumers and a keen eye on growth and profitability. Nikhil Sharma ,Executive Director

Our Team

(Operation Head)

Young Talented & Promising Working Girl who has faced various challenges in her 18 Years of career at S.S.Communications, providing right solutions of all the challenges faced by them and delivered it in a timely and convenient manner. Expert in formulating business strategy along with executive team, Implement efficient processes and standards, Coordinate customer service operations and find ways to serve best and ensure better customer relationship.

(Outdoor Manager)

Our Out-of-Home Manager leads a unit of media professionals in the conception and delivery of innovative, well-targeted businesses building marketing solutions across a variety of OOH media to meet or exceed clients’ objectives. Involves in the creation and execution of media plans, unearthing insights, integrating capabilities and flawless execution on all fronts. Analyze working level needs of outdoor media related R&D and strategic model development and reports.


Experienced and talented in interpreting clients requirements in brief and turning them into best creative solutions. Delivering high-quality products, overseeing design teams, and troubleshooting design problems from last 11 years has given him ability to adhere to tight deadlines and Pitching ideas and the creative vision to the clients. With excellent leadership, organization and analytical skills, always ready to serve best products and services.