Backlit Billboard

Quality is not just a feature of SS Communications but its cardinal value and to maintain unique quality standards we are immersed in offering a varied collection Backlit and LED Display sign board. If you are looking for an outdoor Signs display, backlit billboards or Hoarding advertising, contact us Capture consumer attention where They least expect it.

"Our Best Backlit Billboard Locations"

We Can Provide You All Types Of Media In Your Required Location With Facility Of Large Format High Quality Printing ...

Our backlit innovative Hordings Advantages

The Edge ACP signage gived our traditional signage is as follows:

  • Nice Appearance, Mechanized Production And Easy Installation.
  • Placed In Strategic And High Traffic Locations Throughout City.
  • Media Spaces Large And Backlit So As To Attract Attention.
  • Anti-rust And Anti-ultraviolet Surface.
  • The Billboard Can Resist The Wind.
  • Sustain High Temperature, Etc..!
  • Truly Professional Advertising.
Boat on Calm Water
Mountains in the Clouds
Mountains in the Clouds
Boat on Calm Water
Waves at Sea

Out of home advertising has to be creative in order to stand out among the hustle and bustle of a regular commute (or the monotony of a long road trip). Our backlit billboard are highly visible and different from regular billboards to catch attention. SS communications Advertisement Pvt Ltd is committed to providing finished advertising backlit billboard structures that exceed the expectations of our clients and catches the eye of people.