Unipole Advertisement

Communicate Your Message In Style Using Big, Flat & Attractive Unipole

Unipole advertising offers you frequency, as most of the people seeing the ad would be regulars driving or walking that route or daily workings– ideal for local targeting.

Our unipoles are installed throughout all jabalpur city

Unipole advertising in Jabalpur allows for distant viewer-ship commonly effective at inter-state roads and highways. With a sufficient rise in long distance travel among the Indian population, unipole advertising in Jabalpur has gained more importance. The big and bold size of unipoles allow the product to reach to a wider audience and with much ease. They provide large format display opportunities which are not allowed in jabalpur in case of billboards.

The idea of communicating through unipoles should be precise and easy to grasp within seconds because that’s the amount of time a unipole gets viewed by the traveling audience

As we all know that Jabalpur is smart city where more then 30 lack population resides in just 10,160 km² in such a small area with high volume of population makes it a perfect place for branding and advertising and no company who are in to consumer goods manufacturing like food products , cement , plywood and pvc doors , e-commerce portal , marketplace portals , job portals etc. should not ignore unipole advertising in jabalpur because it is a big market, Where you can find all class levels of groups.

On other hand because of increase in the income of jabalpur people lower middle class also afford car which increases traffic jams and traveling time. Let me calculate the time spent by 75 percent of jabalpur population which is working and will get exposure to your unipole advertisement in jabalpur , at-least every individual spend its half an hour or 30 minutes in traveling to office one way and some take hour or more , if i take 30 minutes average time spent on one way then it makes one and a half hour both ways daily, and 180 minutes a six days, and 405 hours a year. So a working individual spend its 16+ days on road just traveling from home to office and office to home.

We Can Provide You All Types Of Media In Your Required Location With Facility Of Large Format High Quality Printing ...

"Our Unipole advertisement Advantages"

  • Unipoles are one of the most effective outdoor advertising methods to make an impact in terms of the number of views received.
  • They are placed at a suitable height so that people can see them well in the distance.
  • Great visual Impact
  • Message Delivery: It exposes messages for a long time since it remains static.
  • It consists of two sides to achieve visibility in both directions of the road.
  • Multiple Media Option: Frontlit and Backlit.

With years of experience and knowledge of the unipole development, SS communications Advertisement Pvt Ltd is instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of Unipole Advertising Service. We work for advertising as per the client's necessities. Our Unipole billboard structures are highly admired due its highly quality, as per the norms standards and long life.